Early Howard Hawks Blog-a-thon

I’ve been meaning to mention that there is an early Howard Hawks blog-a-thon coming up from January 12 to 23, hosted at Ed Howard’s Only the Cinema blog. I’ve enjoyed the early Hawks movies I’ve seen, so  intend to read along, and maybe pluck up my courage and post too.

5 thoughts on “Early Howard Hawks Blog-a-thon

  1. Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! I am *SO* there! Early Hawks is pure gold–20th Century is one of my all time favorite Hawks films. (and c’mon, i’m sure you can pluck up the courage to post! you definitely know your stuff!)


  2. Glad you are both interested. I haven’t seen all that much Hawks – so I’m looking forward to finding out a lot more about him! I do have three of his early movies that I haven’t seen yet, so intend to have a mini Hawks fest over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the encouragement, Kitty.:)


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