Howard Hawks repeating himself

Following on from my post about To Have and Have Not, thought I’d pass on a link to a video at Youtube which shows how often Hawks’ women use the same lines.

I’ll just quote a bit of a passage in Richard Schickel’s book The Men Who Made the Movies where Hawks talks about the repetition: “You ask why did I repeat myself (in) business, characters, plots, things. Probably I could answer it better by saying if a man, a good boxer, hits somebody with a left hook, he doesn’t stop left-hooking in the rest of his fights. And anybody who is any good – any writer – is always going to repeat himself, so that you’re going to know who wrote the thing. And any director that I think is any good puts a stamp on his work. And he naturally will use things again. If it has been good once, it’s good another time. That’s the only answer that I can give to a thing like that…

“I like it when (people) say, ‘You repeated yourself.’  Because  if they can remember that long, the scene must be pretty good.”

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