Robert Wise blog-a-thon

robert wise blog-a-thon I’ve rather belatedly discovered in the last few days that there is a blog-a-thon about the film director Robert Wise just starting now at the Octopus Cinema website. I don’t know all that much about Wise as a director, but, looking at his astonishing body of work, which stretched from the 1940s right through to 2000 and included the classic musical West Side Story, I’d love to find out more.

So  I’ll hope to read along with the reviews and also contribute one or maybe two myself over the week, depending on how the time goes.  I really enjoyed the early Howard Hawks blog-a-thon at Only the Cinema earlier this year and would be interested in taking part in more of these events in the future, so, if anyone hears about any which might be up my street, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Robert Wise blog-a-thon

    • Thank you, Joshua – unfortunately I’m being slower to join in than I’d intended to be, as I’ve been busy over the last couple of days and also have discovered that the DVD of ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’ includes a commentary featuring Wise himself and Scorsese, so I’m listening to that before writing something about the movie! Anyway, I really do hope to send you something in the next day or so.

      I also have ‘Tribute to a Bad Man’ to hand and, as a Cagney fan, really ought to write something about that too. Thanks for the link to the Film Blog Calendar – I will keep an eye on it.


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