John Huston blogathon

Just wanted to mention that there is a John Huston blogathon coming up based at the Icebox Movies site run by Adam Zanzie, from August 5 to 12 – I’m hoping to take part in this, and will probably write something about Huston’s little-known film ‘We Were Strangers’, starring Jennifer Jones and John Garfield, which has recently been issued on DVD in region 2.


5 thoughts on “John Huston blogathon

  1. Thanks for giving me a heads up on this — I must come clean and admit I’ve not been to Adam’s blog so I’m glad I won’t miss out on participating. (I also like your choice of film–one of my favorite Huston movies.)


    • Glad you will be taking part, Ivan – and also glad to hear you like ‘We Were Strangers’ too! Thanks for commenting.


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