The Conquerors (1932) now out on DVD!

No sooner have I put up a review of William Wellman’s pre-Code Western epic The Conquerors (1932), starring Richard Dix and Ann Harding, than Warner announces that it is one of their latest batch of Warner Archive DVD releases, in fact issued on almost the day that I put up my posting! How’s that for a coincidence?  Here is a link to info at the Classicflix site and the Warner shop. I’ve just started building up a page at my blog with details of all the Wellman movies I’ve seen and those which are available on DVD, and said I’d keep updating as more became available – but I hadn’t expected any more updates quite this quickly. As usual the DVD is only available in the US – sadly Warner doesn’t seem to realise that there are classic movie fans in the rest of the world too – but will doubtless be available for export via Amazon and many other websites before too long.


2 thoughts on “The Conquerors (1932) now out on DVD!

    • A lot of those Warner Archive titles are very tempting, Sam – I’ve just put in a bid for another Wellman pre-Code, Central Airport, on Ebay, so fingers crossed on that one!


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