‘College Coach’ now on Warner Archive

I’m pleased to see that another early 1930s William A Wellman title has just been announced as one of the latest batch of Warner Archive releases – this one is College Coach (1933), which I recently reviewed here, starring Pat O’Brien, Ann Dvorak, Lyle Talbot and Dick Powell and with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him  appearance by John Wayne. Here’s are links to the info at Warner and at the Classicflix blog.


8 thoughts on “‘College Coach’ now on Warner Archive

  1. Judy, I almost left a comment yesterday about WAC’s releasing COLLEGE COACH. But then I figured you also received the same email announcement which I did.

    This is great news, and I’m hopeful WAC will continue to reach into its vaults for more releases. There are still some Cagneys, Kay Francises and Errol Flynns I’d personally like to see available commercially.


    • Hi CagneyFan, I see the news of the Warner Archive releases via the Classicflix blog – I didn’t realise WA sent out emails but am not sure if they would send them to someone outside the US? Anyway, I agree it is great news that rare titles like this one are being released, though I would also love to see Warner bringing out more classic box sets with extra features etc.


  2. Totally agree, Judy. I sometimes rely on subtitles, and the movies released through WAC do not have that feature. When big daddy WB releases a title, it tends to have various features, including the subtitles. I guess beggars can’t be choosers, as the saying goes.


    • Well, if you spot any more along the same lines please do let me know, Sam! I don’t always spot the announcements. It’s definitely good news that more Wellman is getting released – I’d love to see ‘Safe In Hell’ on DVD next.


    • Thanks very much, Sam – good to know that later Wellmans are being released on WA too! I just managed to miss ‘Darby’s Rangers’ on TV the other day, but am looking out for it to be repeated, as it was on a station which usually shows the same stuff the whole time.


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