‘A Star Is Born’ (1937) comes to Blu-ray

Even more good news on Wellman DVD/Blu-ray releases. Kino Classics recently announced it would be releasing a restored print of  Nothing Sacred (1937) this month, and it is now doing the same for another great  Wellman film from the same year, A Star Is Born, starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, which will be released in February. The artwork for this one looks great, and, as with Nothing Sacred, it is being advertised as an “authorized edition from the estate of David O Selznick from the collection of  George Eastman House”. Both these films were previously only available in a whole variety of cheap DVDs with badly faded Technicolor, so it will be great to see them restored to their full glory. There won’t be any special features apart from the trailer, though, and there seems to be no definite information on whether these are just region 1 releases or whether they will play in other regions’  DVD/Blu-ray players .

11 thoughts on “‘A Star Is Born’ (1937) comes to Blu-ray

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how this film looks on blu-ray! It’s a shame that it took so long for this classic to get a decent release instead, like you mentioned, so many cheap dvd releases.


    • I’ll probably go for the DVD as I’m in the UK and know that will be playable in my multi-region player, but anyway I’m sure both the DVD and the Blu-ray will be a huge improvement on the public domain releases – let’s hope more films languishing in PD hell now get proper releases. Thanks, Robby!


  2. Wow Judy! This is indeed reason to celebrate! I have plans to acquire teh blu-ray of NOTHING SACRED, but as far as this one goes I can’t order it soon enough. This A STAR IS BORN is my favorite of the versions, and I agree that we’ve never had a print that has displayed this lovely Technicolor film in the fashion it has long deserved. Kino has been doing great work as of late (their blu-ray re-issues of the Keaton catalogue has been a god-send in particular) and the first-ever appearance of this great film in this definitive presentation should tempt more than a few to place a pre-oder!


    • I thought you would be pleased about this one, Sam. Yes, it is great to see this film getting a proper release – it looks as if companies like Kino are starting to go ahead and release restored prints of films even if there are dodgy cheap copies knocking around, which is great news.


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    • Thanks, John! I’ve just been reading a couple of reviews of the ‘Nothing Sacred’ Blu-ray, which sounds great and, according to one review I’ve just read, is region-free, more good news.


  4. Just a propos of Wellman, I’ve decided to read with my students this coming term, Tilberg Clark’s Ox-Bow Incident, a great American novel. Our university library ordered Wellman’s famous film; a financial flop whose use of a white man in black face for a central hero role no longer works (to say the least), it is nonetheless a powerful parable of a film. Have you seen this one?



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