Living statue Charlie Chaplin tribute

On a trip to Norwich yesterday, I was delighted to see a human statue paying tribute to Charlie Chaplin. When I put some money in the hat he gave me a little bow!

On returning home I had a look on Youtube and discovered that someone had put up two videos of him, so am linking to these for others to enjoy. I prefer the first, shorter video, but thought I would link to both.



5 thoughts on “Living statue Charlie Chaplin tribute

  1. Love it Judy! Love it. And Norwich seems like a place worth visiting. Chaplin’s eternal appeal can never be underestimated as such a testimonial confirms. I am wondering if the Little Tramp may have lived in this region. I believe he was raised in London. He speaks a language that everyone can understand, that much is certain.


    • Glad you like it, Sam – I’ve come across a few human statues, and was in Oxford one day where several of them were performing at once, but this was my favourite so far. I believe Chaplin’s father’s family came from Suffolk, my home county, which is not so far from Norwich – there was a TV programme tracing some of his relatives in the area some years back, though, as you say, Charlie himself grew up in London. And yes, agreed on the universal language of his films.


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