Dickens films in 1935

I missed a day of ‘Dickens in December’ yesterday, so apologies for that to anyone who dropped by my blog and drew a blank, but I’m currently working on a review of the great 1935 version of A Tale of Two Cities and will hopefully be back with that later today, or tomorrow!

In the meantime, just thought I’d post links, for anyone who has only been visiting my blog this month for the Dickens season, to the two reviews I did earlier this year of the other Hollywood Dickens movies released in that same year – Stuart Walker’s Mystery of Edwin Drood and George Cukor’s David Copperfield. (The fourth Dickens release of that year was the British Scrooge, directed by Henry Edwards, which I reviewed in the last few days.)

I’m not sure why there was such a flowering of Dickens movies in that one year – but there were also many other great classic and historic adaptations around that time, so presumably it was part of that whole picture.


2 thoughts on “Dickens films in 1935

    • I think it would be a bit hard to get such a huge novel into a film, but having said that, I suppose it has been done for ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Anna Karenina’, and quite a number of others, so maybe it could happen. I liked different aspects of both the BBC TV series but would be interested to see another version. Thanks for the comment.


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