Change to my posting schedule… such as it is!

A quick note to say I haven’t had much time for posting here lately, so have decided to carry on writing about Douglas Sirk films through the rest of March, as time allows – though I will take a break from him to write about a Hitchcock film for the Sleuthathon on March 16! I’ll then go on to write about Laurence Olivier in April (I’ve signed up to take part in a couple of blogathons then too, writing about his films). And I’ll get on to Marlene Dietrich in May… rather than March as originally planned.

7 thoughts on “Change to my posting schedule… such as it is!

    • Thanks, Colin. I might stop planning ahead so much after this, as I seem to be finding it hard to stick to my previous plans! But anyway will see how it goes.


    • I think it’s a great approach if you can do it – I’d love to have the self-discipline to make it work for me. Best of luck with it anyway.


  1. I had a blog schedule last year, and while I held to it for most of the first 8 months of the year, life definitely got in the way at the end of the year. I skipped out on Joan Fontaine (which really bugs me since she passed away in December). Then I also skipped out on Burt Lancaster and Vivien Leigh, both of whom had centennial birthdays last year. All that to say, I understand how the “best laid plans” can be thwarted by everyday life.

    I look forward to your Olivier posts. Maybe you will bring me on board the Olivier bandwagon.

    Have a great day,


    • Thanks, Patti – unfortunately I’ve been in the mood for blogging lately but just haven’t had the time, because of life getting in the way, as you say. I’m looking forward to writing about Olivier as I do love him… hope to bring you aboard!


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