Golden Age Comics

For any readers of this blog who love vintage comics as well as vintage films, take a look at this piece by my daughter, Charlotte, at Vulture, 13 Absurd Panels from 1940s Captain Marvel Comics.


4 thoughts on “Golden Age Comics

    • Thanks, John, much appreciated! Sorry for the slow reply but I’ve just been on holiday in Cornwall and didn’t have much chance to get online.


  1. A big congratulations to your daughter Judy!!! My apologies for seeing this as late as I did, but I blame myself for foolhardy assumptions. I didn’t grow up with that stuff, but I know others who did, and two of my kids are huge fans. This takes quite a bit of creativity, and I can definitely appreciate it. I ried placing a comment at Vulture, but it keeps failing. Great stuff!!!


    • That’s very kind of you, Sam! Sorry to hear you weren’t able to place a comment at Vulture, but glad you were able to read Charlotte’s piece.


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